Fast & Efficient Client Matching System

Global Love Database is an online solution for independent Matchmakers and Dating Coaches worldwide, serving as a world-class Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to fulfill all of your dating business needs.

Our CRM will manage your existing customer database with tools that consist of search engines to generate matches, profile sharing functions, emails and alerts to better serve your clients. It works as a communication center to network with dating industry professionals, helping you to acquire new leads, sort and manage sales leads, and more!

Global Love Database is the easiest way to find leads, turn them into customers, increase efficiency & profits.

With the Global Love Database, you can:

  • Buy leads from the Leads Market
  • Convert qualified leads into customers
  • Auto-respond to new lead submissions
  • Organize sales funnel
  • Generate sales reports to analyze data and matchmaking statistics
  • Get a total count of your singles database in a glance
  • Unrestricted profile and picture uploads
  • The ability for singles to update their own profile
  • Fast matchmaking system
  • Easily search for matches
  • Send profiles to your clients with built-in or customizable templates
  • Calendar function for scheduling dates and appointments
  • Request date feedbacks

and much more!

From the Homepage, retrieve in one click:

  • Clients that Need a Match
  • Your Top Clients
  • Clients and Sales Leads you need to call back
  • Appointments you need to follow-up
  • Total count of your database in a glance